Switching To E Cigs From Smoking

One of the best advantages in e smoking is that you can switch from regular smoking to e cigs smoothly. If you are a regular smoker you might have tried e cigs already. If you want to make it your lifestyle, then it is also possible. All you have to do is to switch smoothly and with proper knowledge. Some of the users find it hard to switch between these two and that is because they are not following the right procedure. This guide will help you understand the right method to adapt during the transition.


Most of the time people don’t use e cigs because they don’t look like regular cigarettes. They don’t have typical cigarette filters and this difference in look might confuse you. And some find this overwhelming too! Well first, you should try electronic cigarettes that look like regular ones. That way you can have an e cig experience before switching to the exact type. Don’t let their appearance bother you.  To find more online filters, check this out!

Different types

Yes, there are various types and flavors when it comes to electronic cigarettes, as you may already know. Before making e cigs one of your hobbies, try different types and flavors. This is the best way to find out what works for you. And be flexible when switching between flavors. If you are new to this whole e cig experience, keep an open mind before making any decision. Try out different tastes and then you can find your favorite.

Support Networks
If you are uncomfortable or don’t know how to find the right vape for you, you can be a part of a support network where different people with different tastes come together to discuss their experiences. There are hundreds of local communities that can help you.

The supplier

Even though this is very straight forward, try to find a reliable brand and an authorized dealer for buying your e cigs. You always can buy e cigarettes online too. A good supplier will give you helpful and valuable tips about brands and flavors.


Switching from smoking to vape could be hard for some users. Most of the time some users fail at their first attempt and then give it up. This is where you need to have patience. If an e cig didn’t work for you in the first time that does not mean it will not work forever. Try again a couple of times and it will be a good choice in the long run if you are a regular smoker.

E cigs are creating a good vibe in social media as well as in communities and if you want to give it a try, you are never too late!