All The Religious Prophesies Are Just A Foresight Of The Earth


The three main religions present in the earth is Christianity followed by Muslims or Islamic and then Hinduism. These religions have a huge population following them. It is no secret that people are spilling blood in religious wars and people are giving the bad eye to Islamic and Muslim people who are following the holy words of Quran. There are several people in their sects they are losing like the other people and they are normal people like the people of other religion. There are so many fake parables put for by the people for the reason of stereotyping. If it was in general view, Muslims are bad people who are cunning and would not think twice before killing someone. Who said these things? Muslims and Islamic people read their Quran by the time they know reading alphabets. There are hardcore people who are being misled and manipulated. Why? They consider themselves to be messengers of good.

It is not Osama Bin Laden, Sadam Usen, ISIS, Taliban terrorist group that represents Muslims and Islam. You should go to the places like Mecca and Medina or even a normal mosque near to your place. See how united they are, how pious they are. They do have huge problem in their parables like where a man can take four wives which is actually accepted by the laws of certain countries. It was just to help the people in olden days. When someone marries a daughter off, there were dowry systems and if a man has seven daughters think of the amount of dowry he should pay for the bridegroom family. Therefore, when they are marrying off a daughter for the man, and when he is allowed to take four wives, females did not have to die due to dowry problems. Therefore, it is not the Muslims or Islam people who are killing people; it is our own stupidity and manufacturing things. For example, there is a huge environmental pollutant released in the manufacture of cheap vinyl flooring supplies, cloth industries and several other industries. Air and water is hugely affected by the factories and industries leading to environmental pollution

Not to forget the waste generated by these things as a result of production, the packing and the other small packets in which you get along with clothes or some kind of domestic product is just a waste. If we start thinking of the waste, these things produced are generating and find ways to control it, it will be so good and save half money that is spent to just throw in a landfill.