Making Your Wedding Personal

Flowers and décor are an important part of any wedding, and finding right kinds that match your dress and theme for the big day is essential. You can get very creative with your selections by talking with your planners and florists to get their ideas on how you can make little details reflect your personalities and styles. Online research will be very useful at this moment.

Personalizing the event

It is your wedding after all so make it yours! When it comes to the invitations, experiment with samples of colours, paper textures or even prints and paper cut outs. Invitations are how you will be reaching out to people after all. Do the same with table place cards and later on with the thank-you cards, if you will be sending any to your guests. Having monogrammed paper napkins at each table will also add a nice touch of expert designer.

Flowers and Centerpieces

The size, shape and colour of the bridal bouquet is usually coordinated with your dress, but it is not compulsory. Try to stick to your budget, but if flowers need to be the main attraction at the altar or archway be willing to spend a little more. Centrepieces as the wedding reception table decorations and settings set the social environment for your guests. Traditionally centerpieces are floral, but now some brides go for items like mason jars with candles, vases filled with glass stones or crystals even decorated wine bottles with just a few flowers.

Dress Details

A traditional white gown is timeless, but now coloured or ombre dresses are also becoming quite popular. You can even add come coloured detail to a plain white dress. Choose a dress that represents your fashion sense and personality that will also fit the venue you have chosen to make things much easier for you. The wedding reception decorations at the head table can be designed slightly differently from the others, for example having a different centerpiece that matches your dress. Choosing bridesmaid dresses are tricky. You can even try letting bridesmaids choose from different colours you have selected to create a variation.

Bringing Everything Together

Create file with magazine clippings, card and paper samples and colour swatches that you can carry around with you for your meetings, or use the popular site Pinterest to create a board for yourself. If you are going for something for cultural, you can use elements from both your heritages and traditions. It is all about blending your style in a timeless, elegant way for a very special day for both of you.