What Materials Are Used In The Custom Vinyl Banners?

The custom vinyl banners that you see in your daily life are not completely made from the vinyl but actually there are two main kinds of the materials which are used in the making of the custom vinyl banners and these are the polyester and the vinyl. The polyester is added in the form of the mesh which is used to add the strength to the banner and the unit of measuring the strength in the polyester mesh is deniers. Although custom vinyl banners are manufactured with the polyester mesh ranging from 500 to 1000 denier and the more denier the more strength it has. For more information, please log on to https://www.justsignageonline.com.au/

The liquid vinyl is also used sometimes in the manufacturing of the vinyl banners and in this along with the polyvinyl chloride some plasticizers are also added which are basically used for introducing the flexibility. The use of the plasticizers is very important for determining the durability of your banner. If you have designed the custom vinyl banners and you see that it started to crack and tear apart after the year then probably you bought the one which was made from the monomeric plasticizer but the best of the plasticizer used in the custom vinyl banners are the polymerics. These may cost you extra but these are only ones which you should buy in case you want to have the durable custom vinyl banners. 

There are two ways to create the materials for the custom vinyl banners. One is the laminated and the other is the coated ways. The coated way is also known as the dipped way and as the name represents the polyester is dipped inside the vinyl which is very hot and usually includes the polymeric plasticizer. In the laminated procedure the banners are usually laminated with each other. Although the most common way of making the banners today is the laminating one because this procedure is relatively more cheaper but the coated way may be a little expensive then the other but is known for producing the better quality results and it is a good idea that if you are buying the custom vinyl banners for some high standard event or you want to have these for a longer amount of time then it is good to buy the one made from the dipped procedure.  Although if you think that the laminated ones give you this much poor quality and will fail in a shorter period then this is not the case but these also give you the reasonably good quality and have good durability as well but just not as good as the coated ones. We also offer custom cut perspex.